Bas Welling of Wefilm shares his top marketing tips for small business owners.   Don’t miss any new marketing videos, simply click on the red ‘YouTube’ button below:   Curiuos about the kind of work Bas and his brother create, check out this video. What’s your biggest take away? What will you do differently in […]


As a business owner you know that writing is part of the gig. There’s your website copy, emails, blog posts, event descriptions and more. You may love writing, you may feel indifferent about it, or it could be that you rather loathe writing. No matter what your take on writing is, I’m going to share […]


Your website is your home. It’s the place where you connect with people and where you sell your products and services. You wouldn’t want people to drop by and find your house a mess. Or worse, if you invited them to visit and they got lost because you unknowingly gave them the wrong directions. That’s […]


    Marieke Hart is the co-founder of Thuisafgehaald, a Dutch platform that lets people share their meals with their neighbors. The English language version of their platform is Shareyourmeal. What a wonderful concept that connects people and helps people express their passion for cooking. The sharing economy has emerged and is growing. I love […]


    David Allen’s internationally best-selling book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, is a classic that has been published in over 28 languages. David is not only a master at getting things done, he has also built an extremely successful business. So how did he do it? I sat down with David […]


Have you ever had a client that wasn’t a good fit? If so, you know how frustrating and exhausting it can be. It’s possible to work only with clients you love and never take on a mismatched client again. Watch this short video to find out how. Don’t miss any new marketing videos, simply click […]


Trying to be a certain way because you think that’s the way you’re supposed to be is exhausting and it’s not effective. You are unique, quirks and all, and the more you let that show, the more your business will grow. Watch this short video to find out why. Don’t miss any new marketing videos, […]


    Here are three low-cost ways to get clients fast plus a video with additional practical tips. 1. Referrals Referrals are fast and free way to get new clients. But don’t wait for them, be proactive and ask for them. Ask in an email, on the phone, or in person. Ask current clients, previous […]


Do your propsects immediately understand and remember your marketing messages? If not, you probably need to be more concrete. Watch this short video to find out how to do this based on a sticky principle from Dan & Chip Heath’s book, Made to Stick. Don’t miss any new marketing videos, simply click on the red […]


In this interview, successful entrepreneur Janneke Niessen shares her top marketing tips with me.   Don’t miss any new marketing videos, simply click on the red ‘YouTube’ button below:   Curious about the map that Janneke and her company created that gets them loads of free publicity? Here is the link to their market map. […]