Your website is your home. It’s the place where you connect with people and where you sell your products and services.

You wouldn’t want people to drop by and find your house a mess. Or worse, if you invited them to visit and they got lost because you unknowingly gave them the wrong directions. That’s what happens when links on your website don’t work.

If you haven’t checked your website in a while you could be missing out on two important things, connections and sales.

Watch this short video to find out what you can do to prevent this from happening to you.

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“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” John Wooden Click to Tweet

How often to you check your website? Share your thoughts, tips, and questions in the comments section below.


marieke hart and stephanie ward



Marieke Hart is the co-founder of Thuisafgehaald, a Dutch platform that lets people share their meals with their neighbors.

The English language version of their platform is Shareyourmeal.

What a wonderful concept that connects people and helps people express their passion for cooking.

The sharing economy has emerged and is growing.

I love this quote that Marieke shared during a recent talk.

“Technology connects us, humanity unites us.” Lisa Gansky Click to Tweet

I asked Marieke to share her top marketing tips and they may surprise you. It’s all about going back to the basics.

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To learn more about this concept, watch Marieke’s talk in English at TEDxBrainport.

Which of Marieke’s tips will you implement in your business? Share your thoughts in the comments sections below.


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