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If you don’t have a valuable free giveaway to offer as your call to action, read this: Do You Offer a Free Valuable Giveaway? And if you’d like even more tips for your website, check out my post: Is Your Website a Client Generator? Use This 11 Point Checklist to Find Out.

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Turn Your Marketing Chaos Into a Den of Zen



You are constantly bombarded as a business owner about everything you should be doing to market your business.

There are always new platforms, tips, tricks, and foolproof methods you are told to try.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated. The key concepts of marketing remain steadfast. You want to be able to connect with people, build relationships, and let them know how you can help them.

The actual ‘how’ of doing this varies from business owner to business owner and the ‘how’ is less important than the fact that you actually do it.

It all boils down to making smart marketing choices. So here are seven ways to turn your marketing chaos into a den of zen.

1. No Choice is also a Choice

Realize that choosing ‘not to decide’ is still a choice.

If you are so overwhelmed by marketing that you don’t know what to do and therefore you choose nothing, this is still a choice.

Once you are aware that you are consciously choosing not to act, you can actually do something about it. Decide to keep it simple and take a look at what marketing strategy has worked in the past and do more of that.

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As you move forward you can consider adding additional marketing strategies.

2. You’re the One

Get clear about who is actually making your marketing choices.

This may seem ridiculous but it could be that other people are heavily influencing your choices about your marketing.

Who are these people? Think about partners, friends, “experts” and anyone with whom you interact about your business.

While advice can be helpful, you are the final decision maker, trust your own instincts.

Do you love to write, to speak, or to network? Get quiet and be honest with yourself about which marketing strategies you enjoy and that click for you.

3. No Wrong Choices

Know there are no wrong choices, only different ones.

If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting from your current marketing strategy, don’t let that keep you from taking action.

Just because your current marketing strategy isn’t working, it doesn’t mean that you, or your business, is a failure. Marketing is all about experimentation and discovering what works.

Simply make new choices, decide on three marketing strategies that sound right for you and do them consistently for six months. After some testing, if one of them isn’t working, replace it with a new one.

4. Courageous Choices

Be willing to make courageous decisions about your marketing.

There’s a difference between trying to stick a square peg into a round hole and being afraid to try something that is a fit for your talents and skills.

Have you heard the quote, “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson?

If you’ve done this before, you know it’s true. Give it a try, decide to do something you’ve been afraid of doing.

And for even more support on doing the big scary, check out my posts: Is This Four Letter Letter Word Hurting Your Business and Secrets to Overcoming Your Fears So You Can Rock Your Business.

5. ‘Feels Right’ Choices

Choose marketing strategies that feel right for you and you will get better results.

Why is this the case? Well, it’s because if they feel right you will actually do them.

If you create a juicy marketing plan full of actions you know you’re not willing to take then you’re wasting your time. Yes, people actually do this.

Additionally, when you’re at ease with your marketing it will show. Potential clients will connect with you because they see that you’re the real deal.

When there is a disconnect between what you are comfortable doing and what you do, people notice.

6. Proactive Choices

Be proactive about your marketing choices and decision making gets way easier.

If you’re in ‘reactive’ mode and you allow yourself to be inundated by all of the marketing possibilities that are available, you’re headed for trouble. This includes looking at what everybody else is doing. Don’t forget, this is your rodeo.

When you’re reactive you get distracted and make ineffective decisions or even worse, become paralyzed and take no action at all.

But when you’re clear about your objectives, and what fits for you, you will be in a state of clarity and it will be straightforward about which direction to take.

7. Decision Making Mastery

When you make deliberate marketing choices you will increase your ability to consistently make effective choices for your business.

Just as you can build your courage muscle with practice, practice will also allow you to build your decision chops.

Convinced that your marketing doesn’t have to make you crazy and can even feel like a day at the spa?

Follow these steps and you can actually enjoy marketing your business and experience the results and that come from it.

© Stephanie Ward

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How do you make decisions about your marketing? Share you tips and ideas in the comments section below.


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