Amsterdam ZZP’ers Who Want More Clients, Apply to Get €1000 for Training

The City of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam are working together to help ZZP’ers who are struggling to get their businesses off the ground.

If you’re a ZZP’er in Amsterdam, and you’re not making a heap of money, you might qualify to receive 1,000 euro to use toward training that will help you grow your business.

It’s really easy to find out if you are eligible, keep reading to find out how.

STEP 1 – Find Out if You Qualify

To qualify to receive the 1,000 euro for training, you must first find out if your income meets the requirement.

The limit you can earn is 120% of the ‘basic income’. And if you have a partner, his or her income will also be considered. Find out more on what the basic income is here if you can read Dutch.  

To find out if you qualify, simply pick up the phone and call and ask about the 1000 euro Training Voucher at 020 252 6000 or send an email to:

They speak English and are quite helpful.

STEP 2 – Propose a Training Program

If you do qualify, and you’d like to hire me to help you get more visibility, find more clients, and grow your business then simply send me an email ( and let me know you’d like my support.

Then, I will send you the information to give to the City of Amsterdam. Once it’s approved, we can start working together to get your business known.

And you can use the voucher money for any qualified training, it doesn’t have to be with me. 

You can apply now, they will no longer accept applications after March 1, 2017.

If you can read Dutch, here are two articles about it. This one in the Telegraaf and this one in Het Parool.  And this is a link to the information about it, in Dutch, on the City of Amsterdam website