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Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

You Want More Clients, I Can Help You Get Them

As a business owner you’re extremely busy doing meaningful work you’re passionate about.

You want to know what the most effective marketing strategies are so that you can spend your time wisely.

I’m here to help you discover and implement the marketing strategies that are going to help you maintain a steady stream of cool clients.

In addition, I can identify hidden profits in your business that you’re missing out on.

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My name is Stephanie Ward and I’m one of those strange people who love marketing. I also love assisting successful small business owners like you to find the perfect way to get your marketing mojo on – and keep it on.

I’ll show you how to promote your business in a way that isn’t stressful or agonizing (and can actually be fun) so you can take your business to the next level.

“In just one coaching session Stephanie has given me so many tips and suggestions on how to profile myself in the best possible manner. She is motivating and enthusiastic – a great combination. If you’re a small business entrepreneur, don’t hesitate to hire her. It’s a good ROI. Thanks Stephanie!” Mary Jane Roy, Creating Waves

I’ll also show you how to make sure you have a business model that works for your unique business. And then create a marketing plan that fits you like a glove and will allow you to attract your ideal clients.

My practical marketing ideas combined with my one-of-a-kind ideas will get your business noticed. Follow these links to learn more about my Marketing Coaching and Marketing Products.

See what my amazing clients say about working with me.

If you’d love to have a steady stream of cool clients, be sure to grab your free copy of my informative & practical free special report, “7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time” simply type in your name and e-mail below and click on the button that says ‘Get the Report.’

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In addition, check out my blog that is packed with practical marketing tips in the form of articles and short, easy to digest videos.

You’ll find my blog posts organized by topic here, take a look and see how I can help you right now. You can also search my blog for a specific topics using the search box at the bottom of the sidebar.